The Boogie Twisters

BoogieTwisters Stage
„Rockabilly“ is a term that doesn’t even come close to adequately describing the Boogie Twisters. These guys love the 50s and everything that goes with it, but they do not try to imitate a sound or an attitude. Still, they come up with all the right ingredients needed. A raunchy guitar, a driving double bass and hard hitting drums are the main essentials, but they also add a lot of their own style and taste. As the name suggests these guys can raise a storm of various styles of Rock ’n‘ Roll, or call it Boogie if you like. If you’re into raw 50s Rockabilly, Blues Boppers and wild Rock ’n‘ Roll you will love them……………. Latest news. The Boogie Twisters have recently been signed by Rhythm Bomb Records. Originally intended for demo purposes only they had sent their recordings off. Rhythm Bomb Records thought that none of the tracks did need any improvement. These tracks have finally been released as a 7 track mini album. For booking / info please contact:

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